Violation of Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practice Act, Excise Tax Evasion, Fraudulent Court Filings.

Delray Beach, FL. (August 8, 2018) – DRB Capital, LLC (“DRB Capital”) has established a private whistleblower fund to reward individuals who come forward with information proving violations of various laws in connection with the business of purchasing structured settlement payment rights, including violations of the tax code, violations of state structured settlement protection acts, improper forum shopping, violations of federal deceptive and unfair trade practices acts, and federal excise tax evasion.

In order to be eligible for a reward, your information must be accurate and show these violations to a satisfactory legal standard. You may be required to give testimony to law enforcement and/or in legal proceedings.

A spokesman for the company said “In DRB’s opinion, a number of bad actors are engaged in illegal, unfair and abusive/deceptive behaviors and these firms have besieged legitimate companies and consumers in this market. We are committed to rooting them out and bringing them to justice. Sunshine is the best disinfectant and we intend to provide evidence unearthed by this program to relevant State Attorneys General, the IRS, and the CFPB. In addition we will use it in direct legal actions against these malefactors and the individuals responsible for this reprehensible conduct.”

About DRB Capital, LLC: DRB Capital is a leading purchaser of annuity payments and payments from structured legal settlements. The company offers liquidity and optionality to prospective sellers in need of cash who receive guaranteed and/or life-contingent structured settlements or annuity payments.